Why Video Marketing Is Crucial For Your New Business

Let’s face it. We are now in the digital age, which means that many of us have already gained access to the Internet. A large number of the population owns a smartphone or a mobile device. The reality is that many people are starting to become more available in the online world. This is something that you need to take advantage of, especially if you are still new to the industry.

The first thing that you need to understand at this point is the fact that publicity is essential for the success of your business. Make it a top priority to let as many people as possible to discover about your company as well as its products and services. The competition in the market is tight, which is why you need to join the bandwagon of entrepreneurs who are using video marketing as leverage.

Here are the top reasons why video marketing is crucial for your new business venture:

It Improves Site Ranking


Adding videos on the top visited pages on your website can decrease the bounce rate of the site. This means that the time spent by the visitors in checking your website would naturally increase. Take note that the longer they stay on your page, the more they will start to trust you. Keep in mind that a low bounce rate is a good signal for the search engines, as it gives an impression that you have good content.

Tip: Learn how to effectively embed Youtube videos on your landing pages or published blog articles.

It Increases Sales

Another advantage of having videos on your online pages or social media channels is that it increases the likelihood of earning sales. Always remember that video content is more interesting than photos and text. It can easily catch the attention of the target audience, and it also enables entrepreneurs to present the best features of their products. According to marketers, people are more inclined to buy a product after watching its promotional video.

Tip: Keep your videos fun, interactive and engaging. Avoid hard-selling the items because it will keep clients away.

It Is Appealing To Mobile Users


Many people are now using smartphones or mobile gadgets for work, business and even for entertainment purposes. This is why your company must focus on creating videos that will add a fun factor to the newsfeeds of the mobile users. The best way to introduce your brand to your target market is through video content. Implementing this strategy can be challenging because you need to exert more effort in making the first five seconds of the video matter. Remember that mobile users are impatient. They will only continue to watch the video up to the end if they find the beginning part interesting.

Tip: Use the right frame when creating videos. Each social networking channel has specific requirements for video uploads.

The success of your business depends on many factors, one of which is video marketing. Be sure to expand your knowledge on how to make this work.