A Quick Guide To Repurposing Your Facebook Live Videos

The availability of Facebook Live videos allows consumers to see the real story of various brands. This type of content instantly captures the attention of the intended viewers. As such, it is essential for marketers to have a full understanding of this excellent feature from Facebook. If you want to grow your business, then be sure to invest time and efforts into mastering the art of creating Facebook Live videos.

However, there is one challenge that you have to solve when it comes to this kind of Facebook marketing. Once you stop recording a live video, the next thing to ask is: What can you do with the recorded videos? Fortunately, you can download these videos and use it for other purposes. Here are some of the ideas to consider:

Embed It On Your Site

Make your e-commerce website look more appealing to the site visitors by embedding videos on the blog posts or other relevant pages. For example, if your Facebook Live video is about an interview with a prominent individual, you can use it as the central theme for a new blog post. Create an article that provides a recap of what took place during the interview. This is an excellent way to gain the interests of your target market.


Create Promos Or Teasers

Do you enjoy broadcasting live videos on a regular basis? Do you want more people to watch it? If yes, then better start creating teasers for your future live videos. All you have to do is gather the recorded live videos on your company’s Facebook page. Choose the correct clips from these videos and use them to create a new promotional video. In producing this content, do not forget to consider the taste and preference of your viewers. The goal here is to see to it that the teasers will catch their attention.

Schedule It For Future Posts

One of the limitations of broadcasting a Facebook Live video is that you cannot promote it ahead of time. Do not fret because while this may be the case, you still have an option to re-purpose it by adding it on your social media content calendar. What you need to do is to choose the important highlights of the video. Use it as an inspiration to come up with a winning caption. Once you have created a short description of what the video is all about, do not hesitate to re-share it to your viewers. At the same time, find a way to advertise it on the Facebook platform.

Do not put your Facebook Live videos to waste. Do not be afraid to try something new when it comes to digital marketing. The only way to succeed in this aspect is to take advantage of the availability of the various social channels. Take note that Facebook is not the only avenue to reach out to your existing customers or potential clients. You also have the option to share the live videos on Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.