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Top 3 Video Marketing Trends In 2018 That Will Keep You On Top

Top 3 Video Marketing Trends In 2018 That Will Keep You On Top

Every company needs to invest in marketing for its success. As a businessperson, this is something that you need to understand completely. It is essential on your part to explore the different strategies that will put your business on top. Take note that the competition in the market is quite high. As such, you need to exert more efforts to rise. In this write-up, we are going to present the top five marketing trends that you need to follow as soon as possible.

Top 1: Personalized Video Content

In this digital age, people are craving for something real. They want to associate themselves with something real. For this reason, it is highly recommended for your company to embrace the concept of personalized video content. Do not try too hard in selling all your products and services to your target audience. Use video marketing not only to promote your brand but also to make a positive connection with potential clients and existing customers.

When producing a video, make an effort to take into consideration how your viewers would react after watching it. Personalized marketing is your key to ultimate success.

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Top 2: Go For Square Videos

At this point, it is significant to highlight the necessity to optimize your videos in such a way that it will be easy to watch via smartphones. According to a recent study, 69% of online users spend most of their time in viewing videos using their mobile phones. The goal is to improve the experience of your target audience by giving them something that is convenient to enjoy on their part.

What you need to do is to let go of the old practice of creating horizontal videos. In this modern day, the best option is to choose the square or vertical format for your content. It is a good choice, especially if your primary source of conversions is social media marketing.

Top 3: Stream A Live Video

One of the latest features offered by different social networking sites such a Facebook and Instagram is the live video. With this kind of technology, company owners can already stream live videos whenever they want to. It is an excellent way to market your company because it requires less effort on your part. Take note that streaming a live video does not give you the duty to edit clips. You can instantly publish in your business pages. However, you have to be careful in thinking about the theme of your live video.

Do not be afraid to get creative. You will be surprised with how many people will comment and share a live video. Take note that a live video is streamed real-time, which is why you have to prepare for whatever may happen during the entire time of streaming.

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As an entrepreneur, it is essential on your part to embrace change. It’s 2018, and you need to innovate if you want to stay ahead of the game. Start with following the top three video marketing trends mentioned above.

How To Create A Video Content That Affects People

How To Create A Video Content That Affects People

If there is one thing that marketers need to understand, it is the reality that people buy products and services not only because of the value that it gives to them but also because of how they feel whenever they may need the purchase. Keep in mind that the way people think and feel will affect the sales of your company.

Before, all consumers could think about is to buy those that are essential to their day-to-day life. However, with the different changes in the market, they have started to consider other factors to help them decide this matter. As a marketer, you have to digest this significant important so that you will create something that will positively affect people. In this article, we are going to share some of the tips and tricks on how you can produce video content that resonates with your target audience:

Do Not Make It Appear As An “AD”

It can be a confusing statement because video content is primarily an advertisement. What it means is that you must avoid creating a video that focuses on the essential features of your brand. As much as possible, keep everything real by shifting your attention to the necessity of coming up with an exciting story. Keep in mind that people do not share ads, but instead, they share stories.

Before you publish a post online, be sure to prepare for the launch. You cannot just upload any video that you like. Conducting a study of your target market is essential. Find their demographics and make a marketing decision based on this information.

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Be More Personal In Your Approach

The most recurring reminder for all marketers out there is to never insist on selling one’s products or services. The best approach is to say no to hard selling. Trust in your capability to produce video content that will result in high conversions for your brand. As already mentioned above, the goal is to develop a close tie or relationship with your target audience. There is no way of doing this than getting personal with them.

An excellent example of this is to start your video with personal information about your brand and then transition it to the individual circumstances of your viewers. Be open to any possibility.

Be Sensitive To Their Feelings

Remember that people react differently, depending on their personal experiences or stories. This is why you must be careful about producing your content. Be sensitive to their feelings so that you will not end up offending them in any way. Otherwise, you may lose your potential clients and customers. Avoid including religions and politics as part of your topics, especially if you are unsure about the people comprising your target audience.

What you have to do is to start with making a timeline for every video that you will publish. Everything needs to be reviewed before you click the “post” or “upload” buttons on your social channels. A failure to do this can result in some severe problems with the marketing side of your business.

A Start-Up Business Guide: Should You Invest In Video Marketing?

A Start-Up Business Guide: Should You Invest In Video Marketing?

One of the common hesitations of several people in business, especially those who are still new to the industry, is investing in video marketing. A problem could arise because of the costs associated with this kind of strategy. The truth is that creating video content is not only challenging for any start-up business. At the same time, it can also be expensive, which is why most of the new players in the market will prefer to let this go.

This article aims to open the mind of the owners of start-up businesses like you. We want to inspire young entrepreneurs to entertain the idea of video marketing, especially when it has become the most successful strategy for brand awareness. Below are some ideas that will help you get started:

Create A Landing Page Video

What is the first thing that a person sees whenever he visits your e-commerce website? Take note that the first impression matters a lot, especially for people in the Internet world. You need to be good at catching your target audience’s attention. An excellent way of doing this is through the creation of a landing page that contains an interesting video. You will be amazed by the number of conversions that this technique can do for your business.

Post Customer Video Testimonials

The things that people say about your start-up company are one of the factors that will determine your success or loss in the industry. Whether you like it or not, people will always consider what others are commenting on your products and services. This is the primary reason why it is best for your company to consider posting customer video testimonials. Afterward, you can post these content on a particular page on your website. These videos are unique and creative, which make them even more believable.

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Use Free Social Media Features

Consider yourself lucky because of the presence of social media. Nowadays, it is way easier to reach your target market without the need to spend much on your marketing budget. With the latest features of social networking sites, it is now convenient on your part to let the public know how fantastic your start-up business is. For example, you can simply post a short video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It does not need to be extra-fancy as long as it has a good theme and can make people relate to it. Another example is using the live video feature for these social channels.


Video marketing requires a budget if you want to make it work. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to spend your entire marketing budget for this strategy. You just need to be smart in making choices concerning the implementation of this marketing technique. Be prepared to embrace the challenges associated with this. If you have extra cash, do not be afraid to use it for promoting your social videos. Do not look at the cost as an expense but rather as an investment that will help you in the future.

How To Take Video Marketing To The Next Level

How To Take Video Marketing To The Next Level

Video marketing is probably one of the most popular and effective strategies used by several marketers all over the world. Almost all companies have embraced the concept of producing videos for brand awareness purposes. Aside from this, video content is also considered as a practical means of promoting one’s products and services.

While this may be a good thing for many firms, it can also be a challenging task to complete. Take note that the competition in the market is tough. As such, you need to become constant in all your video marketing efforts. The primary objective is to be one step ahead of your competitors. In this article, we are going to provide you with a quick guide on how to make your videos truly stand out in a sea of millions of other content:

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Focus On A Beautiful Story

Avoid producing videos that will only keep on highlighting what your company sells or offers. Otherwise, your viewers will click the “stop” button after watching the first five to ten seconds of the videos. The right thing to do is to give more attention to the storyline of your videos. As much as possible, make it more engaging by appealing to the emotions of your viewers. The technique is to highlight your product in a subtle manner.

Pay For Ad Campaigns

The only way to rise in the competition is to spend your marketing budget for online advertisements. Keep in mind that excellent video content does not necessarily lead to ultimate success for your business. If you want to increase the conversions for your content, you need to be ready in setting up ad campaigns in your social channels. Fortunately, most online platforms allow entrepreneurs like you to customize the ads to fit your budget.

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Know When To Post

One of the common mistakes of marketers is not knowing when is the right time to post videos. It is also possible that they are aware of the correct time of the day for the uploading process, but they follow this specific time for all their digital platforms. This is a big mistake because each social networking website has its “peak hours” that you need to take advantage of. Aside from this, it is also beneficial on your part if you are aware of the perfect days to post the videos.

Assess And Review

The real test of being a good entrepreneur is having the ability to measure the results of every action taken. As such, you must see to it that you schedule an assessment or review of every video that you post online. As much as possible, create a tracking link in the video caption so that you will have an idea on how many conversions your firm earned from them. At the same time, you can also use other marketing tools to measure whether or not you had a good reach for the videos.

Keep in mind that competition is good for your business because it will motivate you to do better. Make sure to give focus and attention to video marketing.

What Should Your Next Video Be?

What Should Your Next Video Be?

Everyone can agree to the fact that videos have dominated the digital world. Because of this, many companies started to engage in video marketing as the primary means of reaching out to their existing customers as well as potential clients. When it comes to this strategy, an essential thing to remember is focusing on the content. You need to come up with a video that will make your target audience react positively.

In this article, we are going to share some ideas on the types of videos that you can create for your social media channels or even your e-commerce website. Always keep in mind that the key to success in video marketing is to what and when to post. Your next video can be any of the following:

How-To Video

Do not underestimate the demands for tutorial videos. Your topic can be anything as long as it is related to your products and services. All you have to do is to think of an interesting concept that your target market would love. For example, if you are selling beauty products, then feel free to create how-to videos about putting makeup or washing one’s face before going to sleep.

what's your next video

Inspirational Video

Find time to curate something that will motivate and inspire your target audience. Show them a different side of your company. Instead of focusing on the best assets of your brand, it is time to produce a video that will touch the lives of your viewers. Let them know that your firm can change the mindset of others.

Showcase A Collection

Take note that this kind of video is not available for everyone to use. It is only ideal for businesses that release different collections on a regular basis. Stop posting photos of your products because it will only bore your followers. As an alternative, try putting all the items in one collection. After that, showcase everything on the video.

Respond To A Challenge

In this digital age, video challenges have become popular in different parts of the world. There will always be that one person who will post a video that will challenge others to do the same. If you believe that your company needs to appeal to your target market through these kinds of content, then do not be afraid to respond to this challenge. Make it more fun and exciting by asking your employers to start in the video.

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Promote A Giveaway

Everyone loves winning, which is why you must make an effort in launching new giveaways every quarter or bi-annually. For sure, the people comprising your target market will instantly join the content. However, it is essential to choose the correct product to give away so that they will give attention to your video. Aside from this, you should also learn how to set mechanics that are easy to understand.

Save yourself from the trouble of thinking about what to post next. All you have to do is to choose one from the list above and start the production process.

Top 3 Things To Consider Before Investing In Video Marketing

Top 3 Things To Consider Before Investing In Video Marketing

The goal of every businessman is to increase sales, which will eventually lead to high profits. No one wants to invest money, time and efforts building a company without expecting a high return on investment. Unfortunately, achieving this goal is not as easy as it seems. There are different challenges that you need to overcome so that you can become an expert in the industry, one of which is to understand how video marketing works.

Take note that this form of marketing strategy is widespread all over the world. Many firms are using it to increase their presence in the online market. At the same time, they also use it to promote their latest offerings to the public. As an entrepreneur, there is a necessity on your part to find out the top three things to consider before you start investing in video marketing.

Do You Have A Budget?

At this point, it is essential to emphasize the fact that marketing budget is indispensable if you want to start using videos in increasing your reach to the target market. Keep in mind that implementing this technique can be expensive for your company. First of all, you must have the necessary tools or equipment for the production of the video.

what's your next video

Aside from this, you should also hire the right team to focus on creating the content for your company. Otherwise, you will only end up having poor quality videos that will not have any conversions at all. Therefore, you have to study the financial statements of your business to determine if you can allow a particular budget for the marketing expenses.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Do not make a mistake of starting your video marketing efforts without looking into the demographics of your target audience. Make sure to research about the age, location, gender, and preference of the person that you want to convert as customers. This is an essential step so that you will have an idea of the type of videos to produce.

Do not forget that your content must be something that your target audience can easily relate to. The goal is to make them watch your videos from start to the end. This is why it is critical to understand what motivates and excites your potential clients.

What Is Your Primary Focus?

The nice thing about video marketing is that you can post your output to various digital platforms. However, if you are still new to this thing, you are highly encouraged to choose your primary focus first. It is best to select at least one platform where you will grow your conversions. It is one of the reasons why you must have a complete understanding of who comprises your target market. Your focus will depend on their interests and likes.

video marketing things to consider

For example, if most of your customers are teenagers, then it is highly recommended for you to post the videos on social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, if most of them are young professionals, then adding videos to your website must be a top priority.

Things You Need To Avoid In Youtube Marketing

Things You Need To Avoid In Youtube Marketing

There are several reasons why you need to start fine-tuning your Youtube account. At this point, it is essential to emphasize that Youtube marketing gives your business a chance to succeed in the industry. All you have to do is to master how you can use this social networking site to your advantage. The truth is that you will go through many challenges before you can establish an excellent and astounding Youtube presence.

In this article, we are going to share a complete list of the things that you need to avoid when using Youtube as part of the video marketing efforts to promote your products and services. Be sure to exert efforts in avoiding these common mistakes:

Making “ALL” Videos Viral

Stop pressuring yourself in producing videos that will go viral right after you upload them online. Take note that authenticity plays a significant role when it comes to video marketing. Always keep in mind that high traffic does not necessarily mean high conversions. The goal is to make the target audience come to your Youtube channel not because you have viral videos but because they can relate to your original videos, which will eventually convert them into actual clients or customers.


Highlighting Only The Top Video

One of the common errors committed by marketers is choosing to highlight the “most viewed” video on the Youtube channel. This can be tempting because you definitely want to create an image that a lot of people are checking your videos. However, this kind of thinking can be detrimental for your video marketing success. Take note that the more you highlight the top videos, the more you bury the videos with low hits. For this reason, you must learn how to organize the order of the content that will appear on the channel.

Mixing Videos Intended For Different Audience

Before you start publishing content on your channel, be sure that you have already identified the demographics of the market that you want to reach. Always remember that your success lies in providing exciting and engaging content that your target audience will love. As such, you have to research first so that you can avoid experiencing errors or mistakes in the process of marketing your brand. As much as possible, do away the corporate videos and focus more on the consumer videos.


Rushing The Process

Unfortunately, only a few marketers understand how video processing works. Some people are not aware of creating a video takes a lot of time. It is the primary reason why it is essential to develop a plan or schedule. Every step must be placed in a timeline for efficiency. Never rush the process of producing quality videos for your Youtube channel. Otherwise, you will end up having bad content that can be so easy to ignore.

If there is one thing that you need to remind yourself constantly, it is the reality that the competition in the market is tough. The ultimate objective is to rise above from all your competitors through effective Youtube marketing strategies.