A Quick Guide To Understanding Video Resolution

A Quick Guide To Understanding Video Resolution

There are many things that you need to take into consideration if you want to achieve ultimate success in video marketing. Aside from consistency, creativity, and innovation, you must also be aware of video resolution. Having a complete understanding of how this works can make a big difference in your marketing success.

The video resolutions that you can usually see are 360p, 480p, 720p or 1,080p. As the resolution increases, the more high definition it becomes. The numbers represent the horizontal lines, starting from top to bottom, that a particular video has. Be sure to keep these guidelines for future reference:

360p Resolution

This resolution is perfect for videos that will be accessed using a smartphone or other mobile gadgets. Because of its small size, it can only use up fewer data making it the best option for marketers who want to attract more people in the online world. For this same reason, videos with 360p resolution may appear blurry on big screens. This is why it is essential to be careful when selecting the resolution.

480p Resolution

This is commonly used in producing DVD videos. The 480p resolution is ideal for playing the content on a DVD disc reader or burner. Aside from this, it is also the perfect choice if you want the viewers to watch your videos using their desktop computers or laptops. You need to get a Blu-ray disc and burner if you’re going to have a higher resolution disc. This can be an excellent option if you want to give out video DVDs to your potential clients.


720p Resolution

Do you want to have a true high definition video? If yes, then be sure to start at 720p. Take note that this is the image resolution used by many HD TV channels. Using this kind of resolution would result in a sharp, crisp and fine video content. This is ideal for video commercials shown during commercial breaks for TV shows. The best way to describe the 720p resolution is to say that it has a crystal clear playback.

1080p Resolution

If you want to have the best quality for all your video outputs, the best choice is the 1080p resolution. This is the recommended video resolution for advertisements, both in televisions and social media channels. As a marketer, it is essential to provide the most satisfying experience for your target audience. A right way of making this happen is to produce content at the highest possible resolution.


While it is essential to focus on the storyline or concept for your videos, it is equally significant to learn how to use the proper video resolution. Keep in mind that the choice would depend on what type of video you are trying to produce. Take note that the safest option would be to go for 720p resolution. Your success in video marketing relies on your capacity to think out of the box. Always put your target viewers in consideration to ensure that you can provide quality videos that can entertain or give value to them.

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